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Specialty Clocks

Kit-Cat® Klock

The Kit-Cat® Klock, an animated staple in most American kitchens, is a treasured family time-piece, often handed down to the next generation. Therefore before leaving the warehouse, each clock is individually tested and examined for proper workmanship.


Today Kit-Cat® Klocks are occasionally offered in "Limited Edition" colors and "Special Production" styles.


Kit-Cat® Klock's exclusive "one-second" animation is accomplished through precision balancing of all the inner workings. Powered by two "C" batteries and utilizing gravity to keep the moving parts in motion at a controlled speed, Kit-Cat® Klock  runs best when hung in a straight vertical position. If the clock's motion is disrupted, it will commence again with a simple push-start of its  tail.


Original Kit-cat is 15 1/2" high and the Kitty-cat is 12 1/2" high. Additional Kit-kat clocks come in changing colors and styles.

  • KC-1-Kitty Black - 12 1/2"
  • BC-1-Original Black - 15 1/2"
  • MKC-2- Pink Kitty w/pearls

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