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Makers of Fine Quality English Clocks and Barometers
Est. 1850

Did you know?

Mr. Comitti started his workshops in London as a maker of barometers and related instruments, and in a very short time, his beautiful products were gracing the homes of loyal customers. It was during the late Victorian period that Comitti diversified into clockmaking.


Comitti's long history has given it a unique position to create a collection of products that reflect a 350 year heritage of making quality clocks and barometers.


Many of the styles made in these early days continue to be made today.  Comitti's longcase replicas are named after the stately homes in which they are frequently found.


The finest materials have been used and every detail considered to recapture the elegance and intricate detail of the work of past masters. Innovative features, not found on antiques, make them easier to install and maintain, and makes them more reliable.


Workmanship valued by every generation!


F.lli Consonni, an Italian company, has been building furniture and clocks for three generations. The company's products are the results of experience handed down through the years by expert cabinet-makers, engravers, polishers and designers. 

There are many more F.lli-Consonni clocks that we can get for you.  Just go to and click on "English" and then click on the picture of the Grandfather clock. 

Did you know?

F.lli Consonni is a three generation company in Italy that designs and makes clocks and furniture that are created to last a lifetime and to become family heirlooms.  The factory is in Lazzate, Italy which is just north of Milano.


They have a collection of almost 100 exquisite Grandfather clocks.  The movements are the German Kieninger 8-day movements.  Most are the traditional chain driven movement and some are the cable driven movements.  They use mostly solid walnut or mahogany for their cases and compliment them with hand carvings and intricate inlaid decorations.

The clocks are shipped direct from the factory to your residence and then are set up by a Certified Clock Service Person in your area. Since prices of imported items change on a regular basis, please email us for current pricing on items you are interested in.


Hermle Grandfather Clocks are different looking than anything else on the market.  Design and quality of  construction are second to none.