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North Coast Imports

Very fine timepieces from German and Swiss clock makers that feature beautiful reproductions of 17th Century Clocks and New Exciting Styles for this Century. See rare and wonderful clocks including Dresden Porcelain clocks and weight-driven, key-wind and quartz clocks that sell from $60 to $6,000. We stock some of the clocks in our store and all the others can be shipped quickly from the North Coast Imports Warehouse here in the U.S.

Cuckoo and Coo Clocks thru North Coast Imports. Check out over 150 German-made cuckoo clocks that range in price from $60 for Coo Clocks to a 5 foot Cuckoo for $12,000. The most popular German Cuckoo clocks run from $300 to $750.

Find Double Bell Alarm Clocks at North Coast Imports for only $70 when you order from us

Beautiful musical birds in brass or gold-plated cages. Not only do the birds sing but the head and tails move along with their beaks.

See the selection at and then check with us at about prices on the clocks that interest you.


Also, please see, a blog for learning more about these clocks and helpful instructions for caring for your clock.

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