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Our History

Will Rogers store opened for business in 1942 in Tulsa near a new High School, named after Oklahoma's favorite son, Will Rogers. Will Rogers was famous for saying, "I've never met a man I didn't like." At Will Rogers Clocks, Lamps and More, we have never met a customer that didn't like the wonderful selection of clocks, collector's cabinets, lamps and more!


Check out our web or visit our Tulsa store; you will see for yourself how our selection will enhance your home or office


We have one of the southwest's largest selection of better clocks and collector's cabinets and all at guaranteed low prices.


We are member of the BBB and the Home Furnishing's International Association.


We frequently receive comments back from our customers.

Our Store

Rows of  Grandfather clocks from the most trusted names in the industry fill our Tulsa facility. Additionally, we warehouse many of the most popular models to ensure availability to our customers.

Mantel and Wall clocks cover the walls of our Tulsa facility! Most popular models are in stock for immediate delivery.

We have dozens of  Cuckoo clocks in stock! Quality German Black Forest Cuckoo Clocks by Anton Schneider. The oldest manufacturer of genuine Black Forest cuckoo clocks in the world

We have one of the southwest's largest selection of better clocks and collector's cabinets and all at guaranteed low prices.

With the prestigious names like

  • Howard Miller,

  • Ridgeway

  •  Bulova

  •  Comitti of London

  • Kieninger

  •  Sinclair Harding

75th Anniversary News

On March 4, 2017, the Tulsa World Newspaper ran a nice article about our 75th Anniversary in business.  Please click here to read this article.

The original store got its name by being located close to Will Rogers High School. And as the article mentioned that was back when you could use a famous persons name without getting an OK.  Several businesses, including a Church, were using the name and that was all OK until a Law was passed.  Will Rogers Jr. came to town in the early 50's to check everyone out after the Law took affect. Besides us there was the Will Rogers Movie Theatre, Pharmacy, Cleaners, Barber Shop and a couple of others. We were all 'Grandfathered in' so to speak, but there was one business that Will Jr. didn't think was right, and that was the Will Rogers Bar. Now, I never did find out if the bar decided to change their name out of the graciousness of their heart or if Will Jr. had to pay them something.

Clock Service & Repairs

We are an Authorized Clock Service Center for All Major Brands including? Howard Miller, Ridgeway, Bulova, Comitti of London, Seth Thomas, Sligh and others.  We service Grandfather clocks, Wall and Mantel clocks and Cuckoo clocks. We service chain & cable-driven, mechanical key wind and quartz battery clocks. Our repair people have the experience and equipment necessary to repair your clock.

Grandfather Clock Services

We are the only Clock Service Center in Oklahoma that thoroughly cleans a Grandfather Clock movement in the proven and traditional manner. We pick up the whole clock and bring it in to our shop. The movement is taken out of the cabinet and completely disassembled so that we can inspect it carefully for any wear and damage. This may entail repairing the pinions, polishing the pivots, new bushings for worn pivot holes, and testing and correcting wheel meshing. All the parts are individually cleaned using the finest solutions in an Ultra Sonic cleaner. This process brings back the original bright shine that the movement had when it was brand new. Most shops do not disassemble the movement, which means the movement is not thoroughly cleaned.

We then lubricate and reassemble the movement and put it back into the clock cabinet for final testing for a week to 10 days. We prefer keeping the original movement with the clock rather than just putting in a new movement. This enhances the value of the clock and it is also less expensive than installing a new movement. This cleaning process and testing normally takes about 4 weeks. Because of our thorough cleaning and higher quality cleaning solutions and lubricants, we provide a one year warranty on the work we do and on any parts we replace.


The major movement manufactures, like Hermle and Kieninger, recommend a Basic oiling every 2 to 4 years and then a Professional in Shop cleaning and oiling every 10 to 12 years. A customer may wish to oil their clock on their own and if they do, then we recommend using a fine grade clock oil rather than household oil, and definitely not WD-40. And too much oil on the pivot holes will just attract more dust which will create an abrasive paste that will cause more wear on the pivots and pinions.


Additional charges to the Basic Service charge may come about if certain movement parts need to replaced or repaired. The most common charge is for replacing worn bushings. There are normally 18 to 22 bushings on a movement, but it is rare to have more than 1 to 6 that need replacement.

At Clocks N' More, we're here to offer you an amazing experience with our grandfather clock services. We know these clocks are really special, so we've got a unique research service just for them. We can dig into the details of each clock - finding out its history, where it comes from, and all the technical stuff that makes it tick. Whether you're curious about your family's old clock, want to learn the stories behind an antique find, or just want to know more about how these clocks are made, our research service is here to help. If you're excited to know more, feel free to drop us an email at

  • A Basic Set-up in a customers home

  • A Basic COA in a customers home
    (This is a basic air clean and oiling that will take care of a clock for the next 2 or 3 years.)

  • Move a Standard size Grandfather clock locally

  • A Grandfather clock with a Basic in Home COA

  • Move Standard size Grandfather clock & in Shop CO

  • An in Shop COA...For a Chain movement

  • An in Shop COA....For a Cable movement

  • We can provide a clock Research Report if wanted.

Wall, Mantel and Cuckoo Clock Services

Wall, mantel, cuckoo and other small clocks can be brought to our store at mini-Mall 31 Shopping Center at 5970 E. 31st (on 31st , just West of Sheridan St.). We are open Monday thru Friday from 10 a.m. to 5:30 p.m, and open till 3:00 pm on Sat.

Service time on these clocks varies upon the number of clocks in our shop for service & repair. It may run from 4 to 8 weeks.

Customer Comments

Will Rogers Clocks n' More has received many letters from our wonderful customers over the years.  We appreciate the loyalty and respect of a great many repeat customers.  We would like to share a few comments with you here.

Thanks for your email.  We were notified by Bekins that they will be delivering on Wednesday, May 18.  Thanks for sending me the link to track the delivery of our new curio display cabinet.


It is a pleasure doing business with people of your caliber.  Thanks again.  Have a great day!

Margie B., PA

Don & I wanted to thank you for all you did to insure the clock was delivered safely.  It was delivered promptly and in perfect condition and we received the missing parts yesterday.  My husband was amazed at the ease in setting it up and we are currently enjoying the sound and how pretty it is sitting in our entry.  We will be sure to recommend you and your business to all our friends that ask where we purchased our clock.  Thank you again.

Don & Jacqueline S., CA

The Satinwood is absolutely gorgeous.  I learned how to take care of it and the chimes are a delight.  I am interested in the Cosmopolitan too.


I really should be buying a couch to sit on instead of another clock - but the clock and price are so good - I would rather sit on the floor and look at the clock.


Thank you again for all - you guys are such a pleasure to do business with - quite a change from what we have to contend with here in NY.


Again, thank you soooo much.

 Carol L., NY

I want to take the opportunity to thank you for the quality service you and Jeffery provided us during the purchase and delivery of our grandfather clock. It's unusual to experience that kind of personal customer service. It's refreshing to see the pride you take in your business.


We enjoy the clock so much we have not used the night switch. The chimes and dong are very soothing. We had friends over for dinner Saturday night and every 15 minutes everyone would run over to the clock to watch the hammer hit the chimes.


Thank you once again. Your business stands above others in this day of online commerce.

Patti G., CO

Larry, the truck driver for the freight line, delivered the parcel earlier today, he was very nice and very helpful.  We have not yet finished the work on the room where the fireplace will be going so we have not opened the package as of yet.  We did however unpack the pot bellied stove and have it in our guest house; it looks wonderful.  I'm hoping to have the fireplace up and going by next weekend.


We certainly appreciate your help in this transaction.  Dean was also very kind and very helpful when I called to inquire about the fireplace and then when I called to purchase it.  Your professionalism and follow up are to be commended.  Many thanks.

Nayla N., TN

I just wanted to let you know that I received my Amsterdam clock yesterday and I am completely thrilled with it!!!  It is a beautiful piece and fits my entry way perfectly, adding so much to the matching decor. My grandmother was Pennsylvania Dutch, so the design has great significance for me as well.  Thank you so much for your prompt and courteous service.  It was a great please to do business with you, and I am just delighted to have this clock.  If I travel through Tulsa in the future, I will stop at your store and introduce myself.


Thank you so much again!  Consider me a very happy customer!

Barbara H., CO

Thank you, Mr. Cox, I wish all the items I purchase on-line were with companies so together as yours.

Tom M., WV

Thank you.  It has also been a pleasure doing business with you.  I will recommend your site to friends.  Honesty and integrity go a long way.

Vincent D., NY

Everything was done perfectly.  I've never had a shipment get here that fast!  We love the fireplace and it works like it's supposed to.  We are very happy with the whole transaction!  Thank you very much.

Laurie B., CA

Thank you so much for your instant attention to the "operator's manual" problem.  I appreciate it very much.  Also, thank you for all you've done during the process.  I am very pleased with the clock, and it is beautiful. ABF Trucking had an entirely different attitude about their cargo.  I was duly impressed with their driver and his professionalism. I will always recommend your store to my friends and if I need anything, I will not hesitate to buy it from you.

Patrick C., CA

Just what I was looking for.  I came by Friday afternoon and purchased the Cuckoo Clock..  You have a tremendous amount of inventory. Very impressive.

Silvio C., OK


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David Cox, author of a new book called, "Hmmm! Who’s Speaking?" as well as  "The Chaplains at Hale Scout Reservation." Both books are available for purchase through Amazon. Be sure to get your copy!

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