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We have sold out of most of the Sligh grandfather clocks, BUT, when the Bulova Clock Company bought the Sligh Clock Company in 2005, they elected to continue making many of the same clocks. AND then Bulova, in 2007, sold their rights to the Sligh Grandfather clock designs to Hermle who was already making the movements for the clocks. So now you can find some of the same Sligh clock designs under our Hermle Grandfather Clock page.

Sligh Clock Information…

FREE - Sligh Grandfather Clock Owners Manual just click here.


Due to the high volume of requests for Sligh clock values and availability of parts and clocks themselves, we are no longer providing Research information over the phone. The answers often entail researching our records and files and this takes us away from our in shop customers.


We will still research the information for you, but the request needs to be by email  so that the research can be done at a more convenient time for us. This is often done when our shop is closed.


You will need to provide us a Model number* and/or Model name and/or a picture of the clock. The information we provide will include all or most of the following:

  1.   Historical information about Sligh Clocks

  2.   The dates the clock was made

  3.   The list prices during the time the clock was made

  4.   Realistic dealer price range at the time

  5.   Catalog pictures

  6.   Clock movement information

  7.   Detail information about the clock

  8.   A current market value (this is not a formal appraisal, since we cannot see the actual clock, but   it will provide you with a fair idea of the value for insurance purposes)


We have a basic fee of $25.00 for this information which can be paid thru PayPal or by Credit Card.


The information will be promptly mailed to you. We will need your mailing address and also a phone number.


*The Model number for a Sligh clock is generally found on a sticker or brass plate attached to the inside of the front door or a sticker attached to the upper inside back of the clock which can be seen when you open the upper left hand side door. The model number starts with a 4-digit number such as 0824 or 0929. It is then followed with a single digit 1, 2, 3, or 4. This signifies if the clock was in the 1st cutting or run of the clock or the 2nd, 3rd or 4th run. If it is a 2, 3 or 4, then it means that a minor change has been made to the original cutting. The numbers are then followed by a couple of letters such as an AN or SO. These letters signify the finish on the clock such as Andover Cherry or Scrubbed Oak. So a complete Model number would look like 0824-1-AN (The Tennyson) or a 0929-4-SO (The Expedition).


Sligh Clocks were recently purchased by Bulova which means this may be your last opportunity to find an original Sligh Grandfather Clock. Check out our selection today.

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